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  • No Es Moombathon pero… tiene mucho lazers

    Posted on May 12th, 2010 No comments

    This reggaeton-dutch house-reggaeton circle is funny to see and there’s some good stuff coming out of it. Pretty sure Chico Ye aka Spin Laden doesn’t care much about Dave Nada’s new brand though. I saw Spin Laden killing it in Monterrey a few months ago and he recently hit me up with some of his new production under the moniker Chico Ye. Good dj tools, check it out!

    Rayo Lazer (Reggaeton Mix) by Chico Ye

    Jagueando by Chico Ye

    Tu Ku Tu (Feat. Mc Malquino) by Chico Ye

  • Jerk Bow ou Jerk en espanol

    Posted on March 15th, 2010 1 comment

    Dans la même ligné du Watagatapitusberry avec la vidéo des dominicains qui dansent sur le morceau de Pitbull en osant dire que c’est le vidéo officiel, voici que le jerk ce mélange maintenant au Reggaeton avec le Dem Bow. Ley del Rap ont un vidéo officiel eux aussi ici dans le même esprit du Watagatapitusberry, cependant, je préfère cette version avec un peu plus de danse. La génération ipod fait de la création!

    Ley del Rap – Yabadabadu

  • Concours de fléchettes kreyol

    Posted on April 17th, 2009 2 comments

    Ce soir pendant mon concours de fléchettes kreyol, j’ai eu du plaisirs a regarder quelques pubs d’haiti!!

    Pour commencer, on va rendre jaloux tout les festivals de Montréal car à Masala ce soir, on décide de faire de la pub de cigarettes! Nous avons raison parce que c’est carrément plus le fun et moins dangereux de fumer en Haiti qu’ici… avec un peu de reggaeton en plus!

    Pourquoi ne pas se brosser les dents par la suite pour enlever ce bon gout de fraises avec du Mc Hammer dans ta bouche!

    Après ca, on se rince la bouche avec du coke plus hot qu’ici ett t’as du beat en plus!

    Et pour terminer, une dernière pour la nuite! Avec ça tu peux faire une bombe dans la piscine avec tes copines! Conseil du docteur!

    Ces pubs géniales sont l’oeuvre de l’haitien Bruno Mourral .

  • Champeta Criolla

    Posted on August 27th, 2008 No comments

    Like most of you, you are reading many blogs to discover some new sounds and style. A couple of week ago, I’ve downloaded some tracks from that post on the fantastic blog of Africolombia. While doing the last radio show playlist regarding the track of Luis Garcia, Innovacion Criolla, I’ve decided to do some research about that style whitch it blend some kind of Soukous and low-fi elcetro.

    Champeta is from poor barrio of Cartagena in Colombia and appear in the 80’s. Today, the genre seem (from here) to be strong and it is really nice to see the influence of dancehall, baile funk and reggaeton.

    A little bit explicit, but the track is really nice!


    here a good place to harvest some goods tracks!

    Oh Colombia!

  • Reggaeton de Aruba. The Dutch Tropics

    Posted on July 1st, 2008 1 comment

    I was listening to a reggaeton compilation and couldn’t recognize the language this guys were using. A mix of spanish, english and german sounding language. After some research on the track I liked the most of the comp, I found out it was music from Aruba. Aruba is a very small island at large of Venezuela which was, until recently (20 years), part of the Netherlands Antilles. According to Wiki, they speak many different languages but one would be Papiamento which I believe is the one used by Basic One in the song Ba Ganami (hotmail).

    Basic One – Ba Ganami (hotmail)_(Download 192k)

    Caribbeans is such a world on it’s on! Everyday, I’m discovering things I had no idea of. Being from France, we barely know shit about Caribbeans apart of Martinique and Guadeloupe. And that’s too bad, because it’s so complex and significant from an historic point of view.

    Basic One’s myspace
    More Reggaeton on Masala

  • Ni Fu Ni Fa video

    Posted on January 18th, 2008 2 comments

    One of our favorite song of 2007 got his video ! Apparently they wanted a video treatment à la Cité de Dieu.

    Seems like ‘Ni Fu Ni Fa’ it’s the next single from Tego‘s last album El Abayarde Contra-Ataca and it would be great if it pops up in the chart :)

    TEGO CALDERON – ‘Ni Fu Ni Fa’

    Video posted by


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