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    Posted on December 14th, 2011 2 comments

    There’s something really phenomenal going on with Kuduro music at the moment. Half the time the Kuduro sound is really male influenced with a bit of a jagged edge. However, a unique twist on things has occurred – Titica who has aptly titled herself Kuduro’s Dance Queen is shaking things up beyond the dance-floor. Appearing to be Africa’s first public transexual artist, Titica is literally setting fire to an issue that is in need of serious addressing; the acceptance of LGBT individuals in Africa. Even though this may not be her manifesto, it’s great to see her own her image with supreme confidence.

    Featured regularly on the popular Angolan network TPA where she has had dance lessons featured as well as performances with other female Kuduro artists such as Asy and Tuga Aggressiva, it’s fun to watch her perform passionately to each song and to be respected by her peers. Digging through the Youtube comments of her videos it seems as though the audience is either divided or united. As is the case with most things, when something is disliked, it is disliked, but there also seems to be a healthy  presentation of supporters who are looking beyond any title that may be imposed on Titica and embracing the work she has set out to deliver as a musician.

    Titica’s album Chão is an 8 track CD and with 2 official videos, she is doing things big and making moves. Check out her latest release for the track Kusi De Pole featuring Mona Star.


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