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  • Go! This is Aziatic’s Punta!

    Posted on August 5th, 2009 1 comment

    Ok, the blog is running a bit slowly these days! Khiasma is now in Toronto spending his days trying to leech the network from his new neighbors, Jeune Premier is organizing a big and hot event for the International youth day on august 12 in St-Michel and I’m stuck in front of my computer trying to learn some software for my new job and therefore, spending my days in front of my computer!

    Tonight I was in a Punta mood. For those of you who don’t know what punta is a traditional form of dance music from central america made by garifuna in Belize and Honduras.
    Anyway, I’ve just found this great puntarock/dancehall tune tonight from this guy named Aziatic aka “the Son of Hopkins” previously known as AZ in the rap game: Go!
    It seems that a documentary about the live of Aziatic will be available soon, check here for more info!
    I’m just hooked on that track tonight and if you know more song like this one! Please shared it!

    Hope you enjoy!

    You can buy the track here.
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    • Canalh

      bien tranquille le son ! Ca me rapelle La Ceiba !

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