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  • Hmmm.. Masala sur CISM!

    Posted on June 3rd, 2013 No comments

    Petit retour surpris de Masala sur les ondes de CISM samedi soir dernier dans la case horaire des préliminettes pour un remplacement en musique chaude! Je ne cacherai pas que ça m’a donné le goût d’y revenir même si faire de la radio communautaire est un beau et gros sacrifice en temps et en dévouement.

    Merci beaucoup les filles!!! Masala vous aime!


    Masala spécial by Masalacism on Mixcloud

  • La saveur du mois

    Posted on May 21st, 2013 No comments

    Salut blog, ça fait un moment toi et moi. Je voulais te dire que je pense toujours à toi. Voilà un petit gouté d’Angola. À bientôt, je l’espère!


    Posted on March 6th, 2013 No comments

    ATCR_V01_DatesEtVenueCan you believe it’s been almost two years since we first caught onto A Tribe Called Red? We had no idea our love for them would go deeper and deeper as in that time we have witnessed physically and virtually ATCR conquer Canada from the East to the West. Selling out shows and making significant social change it’s just been phenomenal to witness the rise of such a fresh sound crew. The response has been amazing and we cannot be any happier for them. I literally remember the first day I heard A Tribe Called Red, chills sweet sweet chills ran down my back and then of course the first Electric Pow Wow night I attended confirmed things for me. These guys are the real deal. Over the last month or so ATCR have had dates everywhere in Canada but now guess what? The boys are conquering the USA and we’re so sure they will light things ablaze at SXSW in Austin. Look out for them as they have a span of dates all across the country. If you’re still yet to really understand what A Tribe Called represent here’s some info for you:

    A Tribe Called Red – NOW Magazine Interview 

    Get The FREE A Tribe Called Red – Electric Pow Wow Album 

    Follow A Tribe Called Red On Twitter For Real Time Updates 

    And now witness A Tribe Called Red At A SOLD OUT  Show At Toronto’s AGO this past month:


    Posted on March 5th, 2013 No comments


    “Riddims are the foundation of life,” said Mixpak when the Pressure Volume One Mix dropped. Mixpak are no joke. They know exactly what they are talking about.  Presenting some of the sharpest producers heavy on the scene, the latest collaboration presents instrumental riddims from around the world from Masala favourites Cadenza, Douster, Murlo, Nadastrom, Poirier, So Shifty, Worldlife…oh wait…am I listing them all?…Yes man…All Ahhh Dem!

    Check out the fully loaded selection below. Enjoy, Enjoy…Enjoy!

    Get it at iTunes / Juno /Boomkat now!


    Posted on March 4th, 2013 No comments



    As I said in my last post, I really like to let the music reach me in it’s own time. I’ve been getting tips on Burna Boy over the last year or two but haven’t actually sat down to investigate. I’ve been listening to a lot of Murlo’s work ever since my homie Max sent in the goods and trolling through Murlo’s Soundcloud page…once again Burna Boy in my line of sight. So what’s this all about? Who is Burna Boy?

    Powered by Aristokrat Records, Nigeria’s Burna Boy as his website says “is a man on a mission.” You can feel the Aristokrat hustle though, pushing Burna Boy in every direction. Again another sensation on the rise it’s good to know he’s got another release coming out soon. Stay tuned for more while I track these guys down.  The Tonight track is a follow up from the lead single Like To Smash, the Murlo refix adds a nice funky touch and Murlo has done a good job so throw these guys much love and affection: listen, download, enjoy.


    Posted on March 3rd, 2013 No comments

    Buraka Som Sistema

    I really don’t believe in standing and watching DJ’s while they play. So the Boiler Room site is always difficult for me to visit. The Internet went crazy when the Buraka Som Sistema crew hopped on the decks in Lisbon some time last month at The Boiler Room. Super super super cool but sometimes it’s not good to jump on things immediately. I like for the sound to meet me in my own time.

    Today in my part of the world there is a snow storm out and I just felt the need to heat things up inside. Right from the intro I can understand where the hype is coming from. Not that Buraka Som Sistema don’t deserve the love but you can truly feel it and that’s what is most important. Sometimes when things are the rage on the Internet the feeling gets diminished.

    If you’re like me and prefer to dance to sounds like this you can get the mix through the Boiler Room site. Otherwise enjoy the video below:


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